This past month I was blown away with the Spirit of God as I attended the Hillsong UNITED concert at the LA Forum. I believe it is the beginning of a huge outpouring of God’s presence in LA that hasn’t been felt here in many years.  Many likened it to a present day Azusa Street Revival  that started in Los Angeles in 1906.  If you were at the concert last week you would have witnessed what many nonbelievers and heads of film and record studios looked on as baffling.  Here was a gathering of nearly 13,000 men, women, and children of all ages and all ethnicity’s – connected not to the group but to a Presence – a Deity – a Savior.

This was a crowd that industry executives always dream about that will support their films, records, and projects.  It was such a diverse audience and yet so passionate for the music and message.  The audience knew the songs and they sang loudly.  They didn’t sing for entertainment and fun but for a purpose and an inner calling and connection to God in their lives that the audience all shared. It was a movement, a presence, and a unity of spirit that could only be called a “bit of heaven on earth.”

One of the telling moments of the night was when members of UNITED would move out onto a remote center stage in the auditorium.  At any other pop or rock concert event the audience would have turned their bodies and followed the singer to the center stage, but these concert goers weren’t doing that.  They had their hands raised, eyes closed, and were in their own personal communion with God. Their eyes weren’t on UNITED but on their Lord and Savior.

The event was the culmination of a major motion picture that will be released in April by Warner Brothers Studios of the band’s tour around the USA and the world.  Put it on your calendar.  I can’t wait to see what God’s Spirit is going to do when this film hits the theaters.

Rock on Jesus!