In the Film, TV and media industry I understand the importance of the perfect background score or music selection.  Music makes a big impact on the success or failure of a scene. The best background score is one that isn’t noticed. If you notice the music instead of the story, the composer has failed.  Scores should be felt and help move the story along and not distract the viewer.

My passion is to encourage, enlighten, and empower women to be influential wherever they are planted by being authentic, bold, and knowledgeable. To have a voice, be heard, and step out fearlessly. However, there is merit in taking note and rediscovering the impact we have when we choose not to be the visible leader but to be the prominent musical score in the life story of a great leader. To make an impact that is felt – even if you’re out of the spotlight.

In the 1988 movie Beaches, with it’s famous song Wind Beneath My Wings, made famous by Bette Midler, it depicts the journey of two women with vastly different economic backgrounds, motivated by different passions and needs, and driven by different personalities.  From childhood through the eventual death of one they discover their need for love, forgiveness, and the value of unique personality differences. Differences that when understood create stronger bonds, a more powerful force, and bring ultimate lasting success to all.

Successful leaders know the value of great assistants – music not always heard but felt and personalities that are willing to take flight by being the undercurrent.  It’s the COO, key executive, or assistant in their office that allows the CEO or founder to be creative, visionary, and successful.  These priceless employees like to say they are “just doing their job.” But wise leaders know otherwise and acknowledge the gold they find with these trusted, loyal, and dedicated employees – the “wind beneath their wings.”

Here lies a powerful connection. Two personalities working together with each recognizing their strengths, respecting each other, and doing that which allows them both to be successful and powerful.

This week is set aside to recognize the key people in our offices – assistants that help us soar. Leaders take the time to stop and say thank you and recognize a great musical score