Kathleen Cooke:  We live busy lives today. Our technologies have allowed us to get what we want, as fast as we want, and as much as we want almost instantly. But God doesn’t work that way. What has He taught you about waiting?

Ann White: I’ve learned to keep my hands, my heart, and my will open to God’s will, His ways, and His timing. I’ve learned from experience that God knows best, that His plans are perfect, and that His timing is always best — for everyone — in every situation – including me. For many years I would jump in and take over when God placed a calling on my life. Having a very driven personality, coupled with an insatiable passion to serve God, I’m always ready to take on any task He calls me to – even if I don’t have a complete picture or clear instructions. In the past, I was quick to get ahead of God and often made unnecessary mistakes. In 2012, God allowed me to exhaust my self-reliance. I finally realized I don’t have what it takes to do everything God calls me to do without engaging His faithful presence and continual loving guidance. Having learned to follow God faithfully, rather than taking off on my own, has led me to go places I would never have gone and to do things I would never have done. Today, I am on the most amazing journey of my life — experiencing people, places, and opportunities I would never experience aside from the presence, power, and provision of our almighty God.  

Kathleen:  God leads our life, but He still allows us to make our own choices. How have you overcome the fear of making wrong choices especially when there are high risks involved?

Ann: Practice makes perfect – at least that’s what my mother always told me. Perfect certainly won’t happen in our human existence, but I’ve learned that practice helps me overcome fear and encourages me to trust God more faithfully in times of doubt. Over the years I’ve learned to at least attempt opportunities God gives me — even if I feel ill-equipped or unable to handle them. I never saw myself as a writer. English was my least favorite subject in school. But in 2012, God called me to begin writing and since then, I’ve written multiple books, Bible studies, devotionals, and curriculums. I never dreamed of being a speaker, Bible teacher, or talk show host. I was a shy and insecure teenager who spent most of my life trying to avoid speaking up in crowds. In 2006 God called me to begin teaching Bible Studies and within a few years, He had me speaking, teaching, and ministering to large crowds of people. I’ve learned to overcome my fears and doubts by trusting God completely and by engaging in any opportunity I am prayerfully confident He has called me to try. I still struggle with fear and doubt. But God gives me the courage to step up and at least try – and every time I do – it gets a little easier and my fears fade a little faster.

Kathleen: You took a lot of risks when you make the decision to create the first ever audio Bible voiced by women by your ministry “Courage For Life.” It had never been done before. Did you ever feel discouraged?

Ann:  Discouragement is our enemy’s attempt to thwart God’s plans in our lives. When I am discouraged and need inspiration I immediately begin talking to God. My dialogue with God resembles a conversation I would have with any best friend or trusted advisor. I realize that God knows all things and that nothing I share with Him is ever a surprise. But He always listens patiently and responds in unique ways that are meaningful, understandable, and specific to me. I’m always amazed at how God will use a passage of Scripture, a song on the radio, an encouraging word from a friend, content from a book, and quite often all of the above to guide and encourage me.

Kathleen:  What have you learned about the various ways we influence people that have changed your choices and journey in life?

Ann:  Whether we realize it or not, every day we influence other people — either in positive or negative ways. When you embark on an exciting adventure or experience a life-changing event — it’s impossible to keep it to yourself. When you experience inner healing and your life is transformed — you can’t wait to share it with others. That’s what sparks my passion to reach, teach, and minister to anyone God places in my path. My husband and I have been blessed in many ways through the years and it’s an honor and privilege to pass these blessings on to others through the ministry of “Courage For Life. 


Ann is an internationally known author, speaker, and passionate Bible teacher.

She founded her ministry, Courage For Life, out of a calling to share with others how God and His Word brought restoration to her life and marriage. She has developed Bible study courses and resources believing that it’s engagement with God and the foundation of the Bible that changes lives. Ann’s heart is for those suffering due to circumstances beyond their control – especially women at risk and in prison. She discovered that reading a Bible was often difficult and listening to one in a male’s voice, because of past abuse, was not desired. So Courage For Life produced the first ever audio Bible App voiced by women. It can be downloaded from the app store on smartphones, or it can be accessed by texting the word BIBLE to number 62953 for free. Ann is a Carolina girl now living in Atlanta, and is a wife to the love of her life, Mike, is a mother and grandmother and continues to fight for others is desperate situations.

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