We’ve all been rocked recently with the news story of Tiger Wood’s car falling off a Los Angeles cliff. Reports tell us that he was moments from having to have his leg amputated from the fall.

Suddenly Tiger’s life changed. We all have “suddenly” moments in our lives. Health issues, financial issues, career or family issues can strike at any moment, but the world has never shared a global “suddenly” moment like the one that hit in March.

COVID was our global “suddenly.”

We were all caught off guard as the planet experienced COVID simultaneously. It was shocking to watch how quickly the world, personally and globally, became shuttered as cities became ghost towns and the death angel of fear swept in. Some people immediately dug in and decided to fight back, not letting the restrictions and uncertainties affect their lives. They began to figure out how to navigate in the new COVID world and keep moving forward. However, many imploded and gave up, unable to fight the fear and unknown enveloping them. Sadly, some remain buried in the pandemic ruble today. As we approach the 1st anniversary of this global shut down, it is interesting to note what made the difference between a person’s fight or flight choice. It was where they put trust – in themselves or God.

Spiritual knowledge, perspective and experience played a huge part in their recovery.

Those that had been conditioned to trusting in the power and strength of a redeeming God in previous uncertain and chaotic situations were able to alter their lives incredibly well. I saw many who had lost jobs and loved ones but refused to get angry or depressed. Instead, they chose to reach out and help others, and it cost some of them their own lives. As the pandemic surged, so did the political and social unrest. It layered additional challenges, but I saw leaders rally behind God’s voice of assurance and love. Giving from their nothing, God’s faithful believers responded in significant ways showing up as volunteers at food banks and shelters and continue to do so today. Pastors, ministry leaders have stayed the course and have been the lamp posts of God’s light. Christians have stepped up to be God’s emergency workers, and they fearlessly and selflessly gave of their time, money, food, clothing or whatever was asked of them cheerfully and with a grateful heart.

Life happens in an instant.

There is a reason that there are over 160 references to the word suddenly, sudden, surprised, or instantly in the Bible. God doesn’t mess around, and His people called by His name don’t either. When God is on the move, we had better put on the whole armor of God. Accidents, disasters and transforming disruptions will forever be with us and will increase, the Bible tells us. As mature believers with eyes focused on Jesus, we will be able to endure all things through the power of Jesus that lives within us.

“Suddenly” has no sting.

Our job is to be grateful and ready at all times. To keep our hearts open to others and be His vessels that bring love, provision, mercy, and comfort as so many have done during this shared global disruption. When life occurrences confuse, stun, and seem suddenly unclear, know God’s always on the journey with us. We are not to lose faith but be expectant and watching for the dramatic entrance of God’s power to overcome every “suddenly” situation. He is the sovereign  miracle Healer. Tiger Woods has faced many battles throughout his career, and it will be interesting to see as time goes on how this recent car accident will play out in his life.

Will you ready for your next suddenly?

As the 1964 Curtis Mayfield hit song says, People get ready there’s a train a-coming don’t need no ticket you just get on board.