Is spending time with God like going to the dentist? You know it’s important and can cause great pain if you avoid it but you go reluctantly or when you’re in agony. Recent studies done by the Center for Bible Engagement found that we have almost 5 Bibles in our homes that are never opened and that 50% of those who call themselves Christians have never read the Bible cover to cover.

Why don’t we engage with God regularly?

The CBE’s research found that the number one reason was that we’re too busy, followed by too distracted, not relevant, and finally, we didn’t know where to begin. In other words, we can always find something better to do to avoid the chair. The reality is that just like our teeth that get saturated with grime, plaque, and decay, when we ignore them causing us pain and suffering, so does our soul when we ignore the wisdom of God. We avoid God’s chair and get scared that it might get painful and that God may require more of us than we want to give. He may ask us to change our ways, put down our smartphones, gaming controls, and overly booked schedules and clean up our act. So we push through another day hoping our lives don’t completely rot. Until one day, we wake up and we’re in pain and disaster.

How do we avoid the cavities of life?

We follow the directions of the Creator. He’s left His Word to show us the way. It’s full of instructions, including examples of those who messed up to learn from and words of encouragement to bring us understanding and comfort. But if we never open it, if we never visit the chair, we are asking for eternal pain.

Can we avoid pain and suffering?

No. Our world is broken just like a tooth that can never be fully restored on replaced with a temporary man-made one. But God had a dental restorative plan. He sent His son to become our dentist, the one who can repair our broken decayed lives. What we have to remember is that Jesus requires that we come to Him and sit in His chair. A place where there is much suffering and pain. If we want to know Jesus – the Great Physician – we have to go visit His office. He’s promised that He’ll be waiting and that His appointment book is never full. He’ll be waiting for us ready to relieve our pain and sorrow. He’s even preparing a new place – heaven, where there won’t be pain, suffering, or tears. Until then, He wants us to keep our lives as clean as we can and He’s left instructions for us to follow – the Bible. God also provided an advocate for us – someone to assist Him – His Spirit who will bring us comfort until He returns.

Do you want to know how to get relief?

Just ask. He’s a prayer away. Stop avoiding reality. If you need some direction, I’ve written a devotional called Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture. It provides stories and questions to make you think and help you engage with God.

 You may never want to leave His chair ever again.

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