As an executive in the media and entertainment business I have had the chance over the years to observe varied personalities working in the industry. Most of the top artists I have worked with have been gracious, and love going the extra mile because they want to get it right and are passionate and professional about how they approach their work. Sadly, I have also worked with a few who are equally talented but have become entitled over the years. Those are the ones we don’t hire or invite back to work with us at our production company Cooke Pictures.

It’s interesting to see that those who really were entitled to first class treatment actually never demanded it. They were humble artists and I believe got to the top because they learned early on that if they wanted a repeat job they couldn’t be demanding. They also learned what they had a talent for and perfected that talent. They were confident in themselves and therefore didn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Insecure people are everywhere in Hollywood (and the business world) and those who demand special treatment (entitled artists) find themselves working more at the local coffee shop then on a sound stage or on a movie set. I call this the big dog little dog rule. Small dogs tend to be yappy – they bark at the drop of a hat. Big dogs on the other hand greet you at the door but then go sit down or go about doing the only job they were bought for – giving love and bringing you companionship and happiness.

Something to think about in how to approach your work when climbing the ladder to success.