I wish I could live my life sometimes like a Hollywood movie. Studios spend millions of dollars each year shooting multiple endings to films. They set up test screenings and if the audience decides they don’t like how it ends they just pop in their next choice and test again until they get it right.  Tadaaa!

Many of the choices in life we make aren’t always the best and having the ability to edit out the bad ones and pop in new versions sure would make life easier. Unfortunately we live with those bad choices, damaging comments, unhealthy environments, and the selfish sinful nature of the world we live in.  I recently met an ex-porn star who has given her heart to Jesus and walked away from an earlier poor lifestyle choice. Those early choices continually haunt her from an unforgiving Internet.  With God’s leading and direction however she chooses daily to break those convicting chains, follow the light and a new direction for her life, and live in restoration.  Is it hard? You bet. But she holds fast to the promises of the Supreme Authority that she has been forgiven, redeemed, and restored in the eyes of God.

It take guts to walk away. Where can we find the courage, especially if we are making money and are in a successful career?  Who will be our friends? What will happen to us? We get so immersed and imbedded in the darkness that finding the light to get out is scary and impossible to do on our own.  We have to trust. We have to keep our eyes on Jesus and the mystery and miraculous power and restoration that His hand will be there in the darkness. He has the perfect ending to our story –  the necessary ending – the right ending.

Hollywood doesn’t always get the ending right even after several tries… but God always does.

II Cor. 5:17 NLT

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!