It’s hot. It’s really hot all over the U.S. in summer, and as temperatures rise so do tempers. Los Angeles is known for summertime road rage on freeways and many have died as a result. Many studies have proven that when it gets hot people become aggressive, angry and violent.

It was hot recently as I ran from place to place trying to do simple errands with a 3 year old grand-baby in tow. I have a renewed reverence for moms and dads with young children these days who are challenged with full schedules. Then out of the blue, God blessed me with a cool breeze through a random act of kindness. I had just parked at the post office and was struggling with two big boxes that were ready to go and just needed to be dropped at the desk. An oppressive blast of heat hit me as I opened the car door and was about to unbuckle my grand-daughter from her car seat. That’s when a woman walking by said, “Are they ready to go? Let me drop them for you, I’m headed that way.” It suddenly became a lot cooler in my world. Her kindness completely changed the heat of my day.

How can we as Christians who want to be examples of Jesus on earth get the attention of our culture?

We look for places where we can deliver God’s kindness. When we notice others struggling, we have an opportunity to show them that we care. We become the eyes and hands of Jesus to a world that continually suffers. Life is hard and everyday activities, errands, and issues never seem to end. But an act of kindness in the middle of the heat of life can bring refreshment any time of year.

Here are some ideas:

Give a note of appreciation to teacher, bus driver, dry cleaner; leave bottles of water for the postman or a bowl of water for dogs and cats on the sidewalk. Give a genuine smile and eye to eye thank you to the cashier you see each week at the grocery store. Offer to babysit for a young couple or for parents who have physically challenged kids and never get a break. Take them a meal, mow their grass, pull in their trashcans off the street, or bring them a batch of cookies. Get creative. Your random act of kindness can make a huge difference and allows other’s to see the living Jesus in you. You might even let someone cut in front of you on the freeway and pray for them rather than get upset.

It’s hot out there- and not just the physical temperature we experience in the heat of the summer. Simple calm words of clarity and kind wisdom in heated situations can change the emotional temperature quickly. Be brave. God’s love can be an infectious cooling breeze. I challenge you to find places to bring the cool loving grace of Jesus to someone today.

Jump in and take a refreshing dip in God’s living water – Read James 2: 14-24 and ponder how your good deeds and faith go hand in hand.