Katie Stubblefield was 18 when in frustration and anger she took her brother’s shotgun and tried to end her life. But her failed attempt resulted in her face literally being blown away. Now at the age of 21, and after multiple surgeries, a team of doctors and nurses have transplanted a new face on her body thanks to the donation of another victim – a tragic story due to drug addiction. Both of their lives represent the destructive force of evil that pervades our world and the desperate desire many have to end their aching and suffering souls. 

Face it, we’ve all struggled from time to time in moments when we lash out in often destructive ways and then instantly regret our actions.  The Bible’s example of Moses is a prime example of anger’s venomous bite that happens when we allow it to take hold. What’s so powerful, and we often never stop to think about, is how God takes our fits of rage, and it’s often catastrophic fallout and can flip it. When we repent and humble ourselves before Him, God takes irreversible acts and uses them for good. We’re able to become purveyors of His truth and wisdom to others. When we’re willing to choose God’s wisdom, mistakes and accidents can be thwarted, other’s can be encouraged His redemptive purposes can be triumphant.

Through the subsequent years since Katie’s tragic choice, she’s been immersed in the love and care of parents, professionals, and several individuals who have pioneered face implantation. Meeting and hearing their stories have inspired her to find the courage to face reality and bring hope to others.

The digital age is providing us with a world of distributed everything. We can have as much as we want, whenever we want, and as fast as we want it. Our smartphones deliver instant information even distract us for a time from facing reality. Or it can cause us to face reality instantly causing us to make short-range solutions and devastating choices. 

Our pocket devices provide information, but not wisdom. Wisdom comes from our ability to make sense of the world and that only comes when we’ve found the Creator who holds the keys. When we’re willing to surrender and continually engage with the One who set the world in motion and has given us a way through its perils. Only when we’re continually connected to God can we live in the center of a tornado of turmoil and suffering and find peace.

The question is will you surrender and engage Him or engage in your rage?

When life comes at you hard will you reach for the Sword – God’s Word or will you choose another destructive device – guns, drugs, alcohol, porn or some other destructive way out? Will you succumb to the frustration and anger that’s boiling up inside of you or give it up to the One who can calm the raging seas? God has given us an antidote to survive but we have to put down our smartphone and actually get smart. We have to choose wisdom found in His ancient living Word. He’s given us a road map that’s new every morning and brings light to our darkness. You can even download one on your smartphone on the YouVersion app, but you have to invest in it and be willing to open yourself up to answers that may not be instantaneous but whose results are proven.

Are you willing to take the long and winding journey? 

If you don’t know where to start get a free sample of my devotional, Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected to God in a Distracted World. You can find it on my website at kathleencooke.com or text the words 4Today to 54900 on your smartphone. Chat with a trusted friend or pastor. Anger is destructive and can be deadly. Choose hope in that instant of anger. Choose God and let Him bring justice and grace.

You can read the entire story of Katie’s journey and about her selfless donor, parents, doctors and nurses that have brought their skills and love into Katie’s life.