My three-year-old grandson has a mind of his own (as do all 3-year olds.) So, we play games. When I want him to eat, I tell him “don’t eat that!” When I want him to hurry up, I tell him “don’t run!” Today we don’t want to be told what to think or do either. Sometimes I wonder if God were to tell us to just stay home and pout, maybe that would motivate us to go with joy. The word “go” is found in 228 Bible verses and in 32 of the 66 books of the Bible. We are never to stop moving forward but we often stop ourselves because we believe we aren’t equipped. And like my grandson, we pout.

Moses argued with God three times when He told Moses to go.

As a media consultant, there have been many times I knew God was telling me to go but thought I wasn’t ready. After Moses pushed back two times (Exodus 4: 10-16), we find that Moses’s final argument was his inability to communicate. He told God he had a “slow tongue,” and therefore couldn’t lead. God said, “you can” because I created you and will teach and equip you. But when we reject of God’s perfect plan it can bring strife and even cost us our full blessing. God never changes His plans, but we limit God’s full blessings when we choose to argue and dig in with our stubbornness. 

However, when we choose to go the first time and not question God’s plan the reward is great. I am reminded of how the Angel of God came to Mary telling her (a seemingly insignificant girl) that she would miraculously conceive a child that would save the world. The complexities of hearing that must have been overwhelming. Yet, she didn’t argue. She moved forward in haste to Elizabeth’s house. God never shuts off our brains, but when our heart is in sync with God’s we are able to move forward into the unknown and even more importantly into the miraculous. 

When my grandson stubbornly digs in, I too get a bit perturbed. I have to wait on his stubbornness to pass. Many times, I don’t, and we miss new experiences I had planned to do with him. He misses out on what he calls, “surprises.” God doesn’t have time for us to whine and drag our feet. When He says go, we need to go.

God is calling us to “get going” as never before as leaders. We are called to encourage and mentor those with hearts to serve. Secure yourself in the knowledge of God and stop the insecurity by standing in God’s Word. 

Are you dragging your feet like a toddler?  Stop whining and get going.