Our homes today are full of electronic devices and appliances with little on and off lights . My TV, clock, DVR,  blueray player, and even the fire alarm in the ceiling fills our sleeping chamber with unwanted light at night.  My husband carries blue painter’s tape with him when he travels because these pesky pin lights drive him nuts and keep him awake in hotel rooms.  He doesn’t use the towels and wash cloths to bathe but to cover up the exposed light in the room.

Studies have shown that these little pin lights that invade bedrooms are not just irritants, they are unhealthy and keep us from getting the deep rest our brains need because they never really shut down. Experts go so far as to say that kids rooms should not even have night lights in them.

Jesus said He was the Light of the world. We know we all need light to see, which is why He gave us this association. His light brings great truth but to those who don’t understand or who don’t know Him it’s pesky, irritating and unhealthy to their godless lifestyle. Born into a dark world, they eventually come to the knowledge of good and evil and the spiritual part of them has to be addressed. That inner head voice will ask the question…is there a God? We are born to see God’s pin light and don’t need to slam nonbelievers or notional Christians, over the head with the “gospel of Jesus”

As a media professional,  I have to continue to remind enthusiastic Christians that not all films, scripts, books, and media projects have to consist of a “blaring light.”  There doesn’t have to be an alter call at the end of the movie or a sinner’s prayer at the end of a book. Think about your everyday water cooler conversations with others at work and stop overwhelming them with well meaning spiritual advise and unwanted spiritual knowledge.  Even believers get turned off and burned out when we over use pat Christian expressions, Bible verses, or what I call ‘Christianeze.”  And don’t get me started on how we all seem to dress alike, and wear our hair the same. Bad Christian TV is full of it. Be real – be you. Step out of the Christian bubble laser tag game.

When the sun rises those little pesky lights aren’t noticed in the daylight of a bedroom.  When Jesus’s truth and light comes into a life suddenly we love standing in the flood light of His Word.  But to those still in the dark, remember God’s truth and light can be pesky, judgmental, and irritating because it keeps people awake at night. God’s pin light is on.  Let’s be careful not to send them running for the blue tape, towels and wash cloths.

John 12: 35 & 36