Kathleen Cooke is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker, Kathleen Cooke speaks at colleges, churches, workshops and conferences, sharing from her years of experience working in the film and entertainment industry in Hollywood and her life as a wife, mother, and “Mimi” to her grandchildren. She inspires women by presenting important cultural trends coupled with scripture and personal experience. Her mission is to ignite passion and inspire audiences towards a life of impact.

Speaking Topics:

  • Millennials/iGens/Gen Z’s: Who Are They and Why They Matter?
  • Women of the 21st Century: How Technology Has Changed Everything
  • Finding Purpose in the Midst of Chaos
  • The Influence of Hollywood: Understanding and Engaging Our Culture
  • Terroir: Your Place and Why Knowing It Matters
  • Women, Water, Wisdom: God’s Statement on Valuing Females
  • Huldah, a Fierce First Responder for Today’s Courageous Women
  • Entrapment Snake Oil: You Shall Know the Truth and The Truth Shall Set You Free
    Captured or Captivated?

Book sales:
Kathleen’s devotional, Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected To God In A Distracted Culture, challenges readers to engage with the Bible four or more times a week. If you would like to offer her devotional for sale at your event, please contact the office for details.


New Paperback Edition!

“Reading the Bible is so boring, I don’t know where to start and frankly I don’t have the time.”

Those are the excuses we use that unravel our relationship with God. Kathleen’s devotional comes out of decades of work in media and entertainment, her travels around the world, and maintaining a flourishing marriage while raising kids in a challenging environment of Hollywood. She promises you that you won’t be bored and that if you take just a few minutes a day, 4 times a week, your life can be transformed.