It was at a shopping mall that I locked eyes with her.  She was covered in black – a thick heavy burka, but it was the metal caged covering over her mouth that caused me to stare uncontrollably.  Her companion, I assume her husband, was neatly and fashionably dressed.  Phil and I had been teaching in India for a week to several groups of Christians in media and were on our way back to the States. I’d always wanted to see Dubai (Las Vegas on steroids) and since the plane had a layover, we planned to stop for a couple days.

The mid-morning July temperature was already soaring to 130 degrees but it wasn’t the searing heat that sickened me at that moment, it was the abrupt connection of this encounter that was turning my stomach sour.  I felt this sickness invade my body as I uncontrollably stared at two beautiful eyes so enslaved to her religious beliefs.  I’ll never forget those eyes staring back.  All I could do was say a silent prayer that Jesus might somehow make himself known to her and bring her freedom.

It was in that moment that I knew God was calling me to do something to bring His redemptive message to the women in the Middle East. So, when Influence Lab was given a chance to partner with the Middle East Women’s Leadership Network (MEWLN) earlier this year, I knew I had to join forces with Shirin Taber, the founder.  I was honored to speak at the national MEWLN forum last October in LA, and we are now gathering women for a global conference in May in the UK. The goal is to train women in leadership how to use media effectively to reach Middle Eastern women with the truth of Jesus. This high-security invitation-only event will train women already working in the Middle East – many of whom are in secret organizations or the underground Church.

Why is it so important to reach women particularly in the Middle East?

Women are the mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, and cousins to the Muslim terrorists. Women are the influencers of children and held captive in a religious culture where they are taught to hate Christians, Jews, and those in the West. They have the earliest voice in the lives of men who will grow up to be future leaders.

Women, in most of these Muslim countries, are not allowed to talk to men outside their families, and can only be reached by other women.  They are sequestered in houses and forbidden to drive a car, with their only way of communication with the outside world when allowed, is through media. If we are to connect the message of Jesus to them it will be by women speaking to women through media.

If God is speaking to your heart, then I’d like you to consider being a prayer warrior, and a member of the Influence Women’s Middle East strategy.  Start by praying for the event, the women presenting and the attendees.  Bless us with your daily prayers for the next few months as we finalize the event, plan for travel, and prepare the teaching sessions.

Next, you can help by supporting the effort with a financial gift and visiting the Influence Lab website and donating. We have women on a waiting list wanting to attend but don’t have the funds. We have speakers who are raising their own support to attend and speak, and housing and food costs that need to be covered. Those of you who love media and entertainment understand it’s power and know that this strategic underground endeavor by Influence Women and the MEWLN can make a huge difference to change our world.

Thank you for standing with us to be able to lock eyes with the hopeless. Thank you for your love, prayers, and for supporting the women who many times put their lives in danger for those whose only hope relies on one of these female leaders in the Middle East.

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