“Reading the Bible is so boring, I don’t know where to start and frankly I don’t have the time.”

Those are the excuses we use that unravel our relationship with God. Kathleen’s devotional comes out of decades of work in media and entertainment, her travels around the world, and maintaining a flourishing marriage while raising kids in a challenging environment of Hollywood. She promises you that you won’t be bored and that if you take just a few minutes a day, 4 times a week, your life can be transformed.



We live in the most distracted age in the history of the world, with overbooked schedules and never enough time. 96% of Americans own a Bible, and the average home has four copies. Why don’t we read them? The number one reason – we’re too busy. Followed by we’re distracted in a close second. What if you knew the Bible is the answer to a truly flourishing life? Most do, but they still don’t read it. Based on proven scientific research from the Center for Bible Engagement, if you read your Bible and spend a few minutes just 4 times a week your outward behavior and life will change. Kathleen Cooke’s powerful book of meditations, Hope 4 Today, Engaging God In Today’s Distracted Culture, is based on four days a week is the place to begin to change your life.


Kathleen’s worked in Hollywood for more than 25 years. Her stories are insightful and thought provoking and her challenging questions will start you on a path of discovering a vibrant life-changing relationship with God. And 4 days a week is all it takes.





Kathleen Cooke is a media executive, Hollywood Screen Actor’s Guild actor, speaker, writer, and a founding partner and Vice President of Cooke Pictures, a media production company based in Burbank, California. She also co-founded the nonprofit organization The Influence Lab where she leads and mentors Christian professionals in the entertainment industry. 

She writes a weekly blog at kathleencooke.com, and founded Influence Women where she edits a monthly digital journal. She’s directed the nationally recognized conferences, The Biola Media Conference and The ASCEND Women’s Conference, and founded and directed the Hollywood chapter of Christian Women in Media. She’s on the national boards of The Salvation Army, Hollywood Prayer Network, and 4WordWomen. With more than 25 years in media and entertainment, she has a passion is to see men and women discover their significance through a vibrant relationship with God and to flourish using their unique skills and talents to enrich God’s Kingdom. 



Broadstreet Publishing

Kathleen Cooke, Media Executive and Co-Founder at Cooke Pictures, Challenges Christians to Engage with the Bible


I will never tire of reading the Word of God.  And on my own journey, I’ve learned that it is the wisdom of friends and fellow sojourners that enrich and add vibrancy to the truth contained within its ancient and unchanging truths.  Kathleen’s wisdom is no exception – I hope you will allow her reflections, research and experience to add depth to yours.
Bobbie Houston

Co-Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church

There’s nothing I like better than sharing with people how the Bible has impacted my life. That’s why I’m so thrilled with Kathleen Cooke’s new devotional, “Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God in a Distracted World.”  Based on research about Bible engagement, and reflecting her life and experiences in the media world, this will help you connect with God in a way that will get results.
Christine Caine

Co-Founder A21 Campaign and author of "Unashamed: Drop the Baggage, Pick up Your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny”

Hope 4 Today is SUCH an important book. In a world where information is overwhelming and options are all presented as truth.. Kathleen writes passionately of how to stay true to our lives as Christ seekers and followers. Enjoy, engage, be FULLY present in this powerful read.
Darlene Zschech

Worship Leader, Co-pastor HopeUC Church, Australia, Cooke Pictures

As President of Museum of the Bible, I am on a plane multiple times a week. Kathleen Cooke’s new book is my kind of daily reading. It is both highly engaging but to the point and most of all it is a book I want to read each day. To all the busy people who want to engage with God daily, this is your book. Bravo.
Cary Summers

President, Museum of the Bible

We live in a world that bombards us with thousands of subtle messages every day, telling us that we need to be more, do more, and strive for more.  Our schedules are jam-packed as we try to grasp all of the opportunities this world has to offer.  Yet in doing so, we neglect that which is most important, spending time in God’s Word. Spend just five minutes, four days a week, with Kathleen’s instructive and insightful devotionals, and you will find  yourself on an amazing transformational journey.  This God-ordained devotional book spoke to my heart, and I am sure it will speak to yours as well.
Commissioner Jolene Hodder

Territorial President of Women's Ministries, The Salvation Army USA Western Territory

Kathleen Cooke’s new book, Hope 4 Today, serves up God’s Word as bread and water to the Christian who is hungry for more than this world can offer.  Shaped by research on how most people read, this remarkable book offers devotionals which help the reader quickly grasp key biblical insights.  I give Hope 4 Today a big ‘thumbs-up.’
Joni Eareckson Tada

Founder, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

…a delightful collision of culture and Christianity. Kathleen pairs her entertaining life experiences with a deep dive devotional. Each one is so engaging you’ll have a hard time reading just one a day!

Kathleen’s Hope 4 Today devotional throws down the gauntlet like Lay’s Potato Chips daring you to eat just one. Her groundbreaking challenge to spend just 4 days/week meditating on God’s Word is a bold challenge to re-engage culture with Scripture. The problem is, her entries are so engaging that you’ll have a hard time reading just one a day! Kathleen masterfully entertains you with her pop-culture life experiences while proffering robust, thought-provoking questions ending with an accessible deep-dive into Scripture. Whether you have read the Bible hundreds of times or are just starting out, you will love this simply inventive journey of re-connecting with God.

Rob Hoskins

President OneHope Inc.

“In a world of constant distraction and busyness, this heart provoking and practical devotional is a perfect partner to help stay anchored in God’s word daily”.
Ben Field

Director of Programming | Hillsong Channel Head of Film & TV | Hillsong Church

Having known Kathleen Cooke for over 30 years, I am thrilled to recommend her new and timely devotional, Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God In A Distracted Culture, a book that will help you enjoy the Bible and engage in a deeper relationship with your Heavenly Father. Reading the Bible consistently for me has been one of the most stabilizing decisions I have made, bringing me hope, encouragement, joy and wisdom on a daily basis. I wish the same for you, and I know Kathleen’s book will be pivotal on this journey.
Lisa Osteen-Comes

Author, You Are Made For More!

A much better idea to read and study more often than once or twice a week.  I am in – love this new/old fashioned approach.
Ralph Winter

Producer of the “X-Men" movies, “Wolverine,” “Planet of the Apes,” and “Star Trek – The Voyage Home.”

Reading God’s Word is essential for us, and because of that, I like and use devotionals often!  In Hope 4 Today: Staying connected to God in a Distracted Culture Kathleen Cooke has written a great one. In bite size pieces, she offers a fresh approach to a Bible verse that will help you engage with God’s Word. Enjoy this book and get one for a friend!
Holly Wagner

Pastor Oasis Church, author Find Your Brave, founder GodChicks and She Rises

In this book, Kathleen brings us thoughts, observations and challenges drawn from a lifetime of experience. Meditation is something we as Christians can, and should, do. This book gives us, in bite sized chunks, plenty to chew on throughout the day. It provokes us to consider God in all of our everyday endeavours and to see His grandeur in both the small and the big things of life. A great book to start the day with and to continue contemplating its content throughout the day.
Lady Tracie Edmiston

Christian Vision Global

Words on paper mean nothing until they relate to your heart. This collection of relevant stories illuminates scripture in a unique way. Kathleen has a

method of relating your everyday life to the Word. No longer is the Bible dull and pointless but lively and specific in targeting every thought represented here. This book will motivate you to increase your time with God.

Mary Hudson

Mother of pop star Katy Perry

While there is nothing more important than staying connected to God there is also nothing harder. This wise, welcome and perceptive book is an encouraging guide to keeping close to God through reading and meditating on his Word. Some devotionals take you a little way and leave you there: this takes you a long way and helps you go further still.
Revd Canon J.John

United Kingdom

Distractions are fatal. They drain your energy, divert your work, and they can destroy your spiritual life.  So this isn’t the type of book you might to want to read. You need to read it … for your sake and for the sake of all of those who are relying on you.
Johnnie Moore Founder

The KAIROS Company

No more excuses, if you want to learn how to connect with God in a meaningful way, this devotional is a great way to read the Bible! Kathleen Cooke is a gifted spiritual leader and has written a completely unique devotional for people who lead busy involved lives but want to set aside time to study God’s Word. As you read it, you are immediately drawn into the stories Kathleen shares about her life experiences and how prayers change circumstances!
Jackelyn Viera Iloff

Senior Advisor, Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen Ministries

Kathleen’s passion for the Word is contagious and this devotional is a perfect reflection of it. Each chapter inspires the reader to go deeper with God and creates an amazing hunger for a sweet communion with Him. It did it for me because it’s also very practical. I truly believe this book is going to impact countless souls around the globe to seek God in an amazing way.
Isik Abla

Author and Evangelist

The statistics and facts researched in this illuminating work are astounding to me.  The situational scriptures are life renewing.  The power and impact of these  Biblical truths are overwhelmingly tantalizing to those who are willing to grow in Biblical knowledge, peace, strength and God’s love and grace.  This work is not a onetime read nor does it replace daily Bible reading. It enhances your desire to make Bible reading an integral part of your daily spiritual diet for contented living. This life changing masterpiece downloaded by God to his daughter, Kathleen, is about to open your hunger and satisfy you with food for your soul.  Taste and see that the Lord’s word is deliciously wholesome.
Dr. Thelma Wells, D.D.

Founder, A Woman of God Ministries and Generation Love-Divine Explosion, Television Show “Bee The Best With Thelma,” Professor, Award Winner Christian Women in Media

Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God In A Distracted Culture captivated me since Kathleen told me about her planned work at one of the Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board meetings.  When she shared the research that if you read scripture at least four days a week or more, your life will be impacted.  I was not in God’s Word four days a week or more on a consistent bases until the last eight years of my life.  My life has been changed ever since I made that change. I was blessed to be the Founder of 4word women, a ministry building A Global Community of Women in the Workplace.  Each day I encounter women in the workplace who are in God’s Word regularly and those who aren’t. If you want your life decisions to be God centered,  “Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God In A Distracted Culture” is a must read.”
Diane Paddison

Founder of 4word Women and author of “Work, Love, Pray” Former Global Executive Team of two Fortune 500 and one Fortune 1000 company

In Hope 4 Today, Kathleen reminds us that when we read the bible, we come face to face with God and all the wisdom we need for a quality life. What a timely and convicting message for this busy age.  I’m going to read it again and again.
Deborah Smith Pegues

Bestselling author of 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue

Kathleen Cooke has written a wonderful devotional, in bite size portions, that won’t overwhelm or discourage us, but encourage us to start spending time with God in very doable chunks each week.  With thought-provoking topics each day, Hope 4 Today is great – 4 days a week we can take 4 minutes and stretch 4 muscles:  Our heart, mind, spirit and prayer muscles!  Being too busy in a very distracting world, this book is the devotional for me!
Karen Covell

Producer, Founding Director of Hollywood Prayer Network

Every day, an uncomplicated intimacy with God awaits us in His Word. Hope 4 Today calls us back to that place. Despite all of life’s distractions, Kathleen will inspire you as she daily unearths a tangible hope wrapped within the promises of God… promises that will make the unseen, seen.
Dan Rupple, CEO

Mastermedia - Peggy Rupple, Associate Director, Windrider Forum

Looking for the antidote to stress and anxiety? Need to hear God’s heart for your life and decisions?  Want to have more peace and security, be more forgiving and joyous?  Get back to the Bible—it will change you.   In Hope 4 Today, Kathleen Cooke’s short, relevant devotions will help you bypass your busyness, stop the distractions, and engage with God.  You’ll gain a new level of Hope and attentiveness to God’s spirit in this increasingly distracting world.  I’m sharing this book with friends and family!
Nancy Stafford

Actress, Speaker, and Author of The Wonder of His Love: A Journey into the Heart of God and Beauty by the Book: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

How would you describe your relationship with the Bible? In our fast-paced culture, sometimes it’s challenging to schedule time to read God’s Word – yet how can we ignore so rich a treasure? It strengthens us, guides us and most importantly, introduces us to Almighty God. In Hope 4 Today, Kathleen Cooke encourages us to engage with God’s Word through regular devotionals. This practical and personal devotional book opens our eyes to the God of the Bible and how we can apply His truths to our daily lives.
Karol Ladd

Bestselling author of The Power of a Positive Woman and Becoming a Woman of the Word

Hope 4 Today is a must read for busy people. Kathleen weaves together beautifully captivating personal stories, history and the word of God. I connected with this book immediately as I am a lover of God’s word and history. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in your faith daily and enjoy Kathleen’s global experiences that go with Hope 4 Today.
Suellen Roberts

Founder and President, Christian Women in Media

Kathleen’s passion to see this generation fall deeply in love with God is contagious. Living in a distracted, sleep deprived and media saturated culture one can easily lose sight of what matters most, intimate time with our creator. Hope 4 Today is a refreshing read for those who are tired of the superficial and long for a deeper, more consistent encounter with the Holy Spirit.
Tracey Mitchell

DDTV Host/Author, Downside Up

In today’s fast pace world, we all need encouragement that’s not only heartfelt, but also brings to light the common challenges we each face on a day-to-day basis. In Hope 4 Today, Kathleen weaves many personal life experiences into each creative, applicable, and inspiring daily devotion. Her passion for God and the healing power of His Word will seep deep into your heart, challenge your Christian walk, and keep you coming back for more!
Ann White

Author, Speaker, and Ministry Director at Courage for Life

“Another devotional book? Yes, another devotional book. Kathleen Cooke has taken her deep understanding of modern culture and wedded it with her even deeper faith in Christ to prepare these short, relevant and thought provoking devotionals. In a world where too many people are disconnected, disillusioned and discouraged, it is my prayer that Kathleen’s insights will help people find a sense of community, vision and strength in Christ.
Lt. Colonel Ron Busroe

The Salvation Army National Community Relations and Development Secretary

The main reason why Christians have lost so much credibility in the culture is that we don’t practice what we preach.  Every study shows that most Christians just aren’t opening the Bible with any regularity. Kathleen’s meditations, based on research from the Center for Bible Engagement is a wakeup call to the Christian community. It’s time we got serious about the Bible again, and this is a great place to start.
Jonathan Bock

Founder of Grace Hill Media

I was privileged to get an opportunity to take an early look at Kathleen Cooke’s devotional, Staying Connected to God in a Distracted World. I have read many devotionals by various authors and subscribe to a couple now. I really like what Kathleen has done! Her devotionals are short and bite sized. They are very practical and her questions at the end give me pause to think about how this applies to me. She uses her experiences in the world of media to relate real life stories to what Scripture is telling us in a way that easily comes alive. Kathleen’s goal for the reader is to internalize what God is saying to us — and own it; to change us. I have long used an analogy. If i tell my friends I am the world’s biggest Beatles fan and when they come to my house and ask if they can hear some of my favorite Beatles songs, what does it say when I tell them I don’t own or play any of their music? People who claim to be Christ followers and don’t read God’s Word are in the same boat. If I call Jesus my Lord and Savior, don’t I want to really know who He is and what He wants me to do as His follower? Reading Scripture four times a week should be our hearts desire…..and it will change our lives for eternity.
Jim West

Co-Founder The Barnabas Group

Dear friend and Author Kathleen Cooke has written a powerful and personal case for why you and I need to involve ourselves in a deep and real way with the Word of God as, not just a guide for our lives, but the explanation for it.  In your search for meaning and understanding there is no greater place to turn than scripture but in a world of devotionals and journals trying to illustrate this I have yet to read one like Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God In A Distracted Culture.   It is personal.  It is honest.  It is filled with the wisdom of someone who clearly observes life around her through God’s eyes.  This devotional is a powerful exploration of the world and how scripture is the key that unlocks the answers to the questions we all have whilst living in it.
Cynthia Garrett

TV Personality, Evangelist, Author, & Host of The Session on TBN International

Kathleen Cooke is passionate about people and her relationship with God. Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God in a Distracted Culture is a great source of inspiration as most of us live incredibly busy lives…and are often tempted to neglect our Spiritual health. We all seem to regularly need reminded to look at our life through new lenses to make sure that we stay on track as Christians. This book may prick your conscience in a few places…which is healthy!
Jim Owens, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Communication Arts, Asbury University

Periodically, in my life I have come across some of those special people. Someone with depth, class, dignity and extraordinary insights. Kathleen Cooke is just that type of person. The insights she provides in this book are profound and a must read for all. Over the many years I have known Kathleen her life is a model for all to follow. I am happy to provide my strongest endorsement. 
Timothy Smith

C-Level Non Profit Specialist

You may be wondering, why doesn’t God speak to me more? What if He is but we can’t hear him over the noise of our busy lives? With Hope 4 Today, Kathleen has blessed us with a way to hear His still small voice more often.
Evan Money

Happily Married, Ph.D., Bestselling Author & Global Entrepreneur

Hope 4 Today is a must read for busy people. Kathleen weaves together beautifully captivating personal stories, history and the word of God. I connected with this book immediately as I am a lover of God’s word and history. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in your faith daily and enjoy Kathleen’s global experiences that go with Hope 4 Today.
Suellen Roberts

Founder and President, Christian Women in Media