India Transformation – Young Creative Leadership Conference ’13

Kolkata India – June 14 & 15

Chennai India – June  17 & 18


Acting for Stage and Camera


 Kathleen Cooke HeadshotA businesswoman, award winning actress, and member of the Screen Actors Guild of America, Kathleen Cooke is a founding partner and Vice President ofCooke Pictures.  At Cooke Pictures, Kathleen is a key creative leader and casts all major projects. She is also an adjunct university professor and assists a number of universities in the Los Angeles area in developing their media and entertainment industry internship programs.  Kathleen serves on the advisory board for the Hollywood Prayer Network and Hollywood Connect.  She is the Regional Director for the West Coast/Hollywood chapter ofChristian Women In Media Association  and has spent the last several years speaking, both nationally and internationally on issues of faith, media, family, and culture.


The Acting for Stage & Camera Track:

This interactive track will explore the foundational principles and general history of acting that every actor should know! Young actors will learn warm up, vocal, and memory exercises, as well as cold reading and general audition techniques. The general techniques of  “Method” acting will be introduced, and everyone will participate in simple scene study and general staging. Workbooks and resources will equip every participant with general acting knowledge and the ability to further develop their knowledge and skills after YCL is completed.

Whether you lead a theatrical group in your church or ministry, act for fun, or just want to work in stage, film or television, this actor’s workshop will enhance your creativity and move you forward on your journey to become an authentic and professional actor.