The most important aspect of the digital media world is that’s not top-down.  Traditional media is top-down – meaning, one program is sent out through radio or TV and if you miss it, it’s over.   It’s a one way street. But the digital media world is about personalization, and it’s interactive.  Today we can download or DVR programs when we want them, where we want them, and how we want them.  It’s multi-directional.

Leadership has to make that same transition.

Today, leadership is more about finding the best talent, and then coaching and guiding.  It’s about creating an atmosphere where great minds can do wonderful things. It’s not leading from the top down it’s leadership that allows for creativity and personal leadership.

 What does that take?

1)    A commitment to finding the best people.   Don’t confuse loyalty with expertise.  Your sister-in-law is probably very loyal, but not the best person for your project.

2)    The office environment has to be stimulating and, yes, fun …NOT BORING! Create a thriving culture to work in. Dump the cubicles and encourage creativity and innovation.  People don’t mind working long hours if they’re being challenged and are having fun.

3)    It’s better to pay a few great people well, than a bunch of mediocre people poorly.  We think we’re serving the Kingdom when we hire a bunch of people at minimum wage.  But how does mediocre work help the Kingdom? A handful of great people will do far more than a lot of bad ones.

4)    Encourage them to fail big.  Mistakes lead to accomplishment, so don’t be upset when people fail.  They shouldn’t fail because of immature reasons, but should fail because they’re reaching too far, dreaming too big, and stretching the possibilities.

5)  Reward the achievers.  Toss out the idea of being fair.  Reward the people who drive the train.  Better salaries, bonuses, time off, Starbucks cards – whatever.  Just don’t think for a minute that you should treat everyone the same.  That’s the quickest way to lose your most talented people.