Are smart phones, digital devices and gaming talked about in the Bible? What about our social media or even our personal careers? Not technically… but if you think about, Psalm 115: 4-9, it might apply.

“The unbeliever’s worship what they make- their wealth and their work. They idolize what they own and what they make with their hands, but their things can’t talk to them or answer their prayers. Their possessions will never satisfy. Their futile faith in dead idols and dead works can never bring life or meaning to their souls. Blind men can only create blind things. Those deaf to God can only make a deaf image. Dead men can only create dead idols. And everyone who trusts in these powerless, dead things will be just like what they worship—powerless and dead. So trust in the Lord, all His people. For He is the only true hero, the wrap around God who is our shield!” (Passion Translation).

Something to think about?