As a woman working in Hollywood and in media it is my desire to inspire women to live past the stereotypical image of a “Hollywood babe.”  My heart is to encourage, inspire and educate women to view themselves as God sees them – beautiful, intelligent, and made in His image.

When women come together we grow in a focused purpose.

There is strength in numbers. Women who work in media and entertainment gain power and courage as we connect and unite in our passions and in God’s truths.  What is His vision for us together as a community, family, and as professional women in media?  Attending association meetings, events, seminars or conferences not only inspires us but they can stimulate and connect us together in mind, heart and purpose.

I have always been a Margaret Thatcher admirer. Here was a true disciplined woman who was surrounded by challenges but stayed focused on her vision of what she knew to be true and where she wanted to go. She surrounded herself with men and women who knew more then herself.  In Charles Moore’s recent biography, he said, “While others drifted with the current, she was like a shark swimming only forward focused, patriotic, slightly humorous, and needing remarkably little sleep.”

Become a Catalyst for Change.

They say you never really learn something until you teach it to someone else. In the last 2 years I have been privileged to have been able to travel to 11 different countries teaching, speaking, and working with media students and professionals.  Working with these many diverse groups has been one of the most challenging, yet empowering and rewarding opportunities of my life. It has refined what I believe, challenged how I think, and opened my eyes to the vast needs around the globe. How can you take your talents and gifting’s and be a catalyst in someone else’s life?