I grew up in the shadow of a peacemaker. I was 5 years old when my older brother died tragically at six years of age. My mother would often remark after his death of how Robbie was so very selfless for a child his age and seldom thought more of himself than others. She would tell of how he would readily give up his possessions to others rather than cause conflict and how he often stepped in with unusual wisdom for his age when arguments irrupted bringing an astonishing peace to situations. He loved to bring peace.

Why is it so difficult to proactively seek peace and pursue it when kids can readily embrace it?

Making peace when battle lines are drawn is not one’s natural choice. We don’t like to jump into skirmishes and take action to bring peace. If we do step into a disagreement, we usually like to take sides and instead become peacekeepers. We like to state our opinions be a rule maker or judge. However, it is not God’s way. He wants us to be ‘makers’ not ‘keepers.’ A maker is more difficult. It requires creativity, discernment, wisdom and sensitivity. The word Jesus uses for “peacemaker” (eirenopoios) can be found in the Sermon on the Mount in the New Testament. The components of the word, (eirene and poieo) show up together one other time, in James 3:18, “Good seeds of wisdom’s fruit will be planted with peaceful acts by those who cherish making peace.” James instructs us that to be a peacemaker we must plant- grow peaceful acts. We must pre-determine in our minds and hearts that we will make it a habit to choose peace. It should be one of our highest priorities and one we cherish above all else to do.

When we do, we are rewarded with wisdom from heaven (vs 17). Disruption comes into our lives when we try to keep the peace. That is a mindset focused on ambition, power and envy. Without realizing it, we elevate ourselves into positions of authority and can even become a type of God ourselves seeking acclaim. Peacemaking means we become considerate, submissive, impartial and peace-loving. (vs. 14, 16–17). In our present social and political culture of selfishness, dominion, prejudice and polarization we need peacemakers and the wisdom they bring from above more than ever.

Where can you be a peacemaker today?

Keep turning your back on every sin, and make “peace” your life motto. Practice being at peace with everyone.Psalm 34:14 (TPT)