I am often asked after meeting people how I do all the things I do?  My answer…., “I keep my tennis shoes on and my suitcase packed!” We all have busy and diverse lives and lots “on our plate.” It’s easy to let family responsibilities, job requirements, and obligations consume our lives along with distractions like social media.

What priorities should you be paying attention to? Here’s 4 you might want to consider:
Quiet Time
A couple year’s ago in Hollywood I hosted a women’s event with leading women on the CBS Studio lot in LA. Two of my guests were DeAnna Gravillis and Christine Caine, both busy women doing significant and challenging work in their respected fields. DeAnna and her husband Kenny are co-founders of Gravillis Inc,  a top design company, focused on “key art” for clients like Sony, Universal, 20th Century Fox, and HBO. Her day starts early with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a demanding office schedule. She said her key to keeping it together was her 45 minutes of quiet time every morning at 5am.  Christine Caine does the same daily as she speaks, writes, and fights the horrific war against sex trafficking with her ministry the A21 Campaign. She told me she has to have it quiet too – TV off, away from her girls, alone. I would encourage you to make time for quiet time with God. Recent studies show that if you spend 3 days or less reading your Bible weekly you will make no significant choices in your life any different from someone who never reads the Word. It has to be at least 4 days a week to make wise and significant choices for your life. And… it has to be the Bible, not a commentary, or self-help book on Christian life, or even attending a church service or watching a preacher on TV. God wants you to get to know Him – personally.
Me Time
Why is it so hard for women to take a little time for personal care of themselves? Romans 12:1 says we should present our bodies as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God – a reflection of Him. Not a body with bloodshot eyes, greasy hair, and smelly sweats.
This doesn’t have to be lots of time. It could be as little as just 15 minutes a day with an occasional hour here or there. It’s about taking me time to fix your hair, nails, or to exercise (I love to go hiking). Maybe you have coffee with a friend, or a good soak in the tub. Yes, I know, you’ve heard all this before…, but are you doing it?
Getting away for a moment always allows me to tackle things with renewed energy.

Brain Renewal Time
Sometimes, I think my house is going to be taken over by books! When was the last time you read one or went to a museum, or conference? Whenever Phil and I are in a new city or country and have an afternoon free, you’ll find us at a museum, or our other favorite spot the bookstore. Conferences can be especially beneficial and inspiring by just being around new, different, and thinking people. If you haven’t gotten a ticket for one in a while what are you waiting for?  Treat yourself. You’ll be amazed how it will lift your soul and give you new ideas and perspective. Add movies, plays and concerts to the brain growing list. Yes, you’ll see some weird stuff occasionally, but I love the conversation that follows – it make you think and sometimes it creates personal action.

I make it a priority in my life to volunteer or give back because I have found it makes me stretch and grow and look at things differently. Seeing how other people live, or helping someone in need renews my perspective on what is really important. It’s insightful and teaches me things about myself that I would have never understood any other way. I recently learned how to frame a house while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. I had a great time meeting new people adn knowing I was helping give someone else a new place to live and perhaps a new start in life.  Interestingly enough, God always seems to give back to us when we give of ourselves to others.  Knowing how to frame a house came in pretty handy recently when I was remodeling my kitchen.

What could you do today to adjust your priorities?