I work in Hollywood as a producer, creative consultant, and casting director, with Cooke Pictures. For many years, however, I was a full-time actress and was always on the lookout for scripts, plays, and even commercials which contained remarkable and relatable characters. I knew that those roles were the most fun to play, the most challenging to create, and would get the attention and acclaim of audiences. It required that I do the research, reach deep into my soul, and use my life experiences to bring the character to life.

Remarkable and relatable characters are the reason viewers can’t take their eyes off their screens when watching and it’s why Reality TV shows like Hoarders are so infectious. We sit transfixed watching a woman with 50 dead cats in her freezer and then learn that her mom died right in front of her as a child and she’s afraid to bury anything. Suddenly, we can relate and have sympathy for her because we too have held onto some meaningless scrap of paper or memento. We feel guilty for judging her for her inability to throw things away and realize that we aren’t so bad and can feel better about ourselves.

As I speak and teach today for many different groups both nationally and internationally,
I am always looking for ways to connect my audience with the truth of Jesus and make it relatable. For many years, I didn’t think my life’s journey was memorable or relatable to others. I hadn’t been to jail, been an addict, or been abandoned as a child. I did have a brief moment of escape as a 2-year-old from my parents on Fremont Street in Las Vegas in the midst of crowded smoky casinos but I don’t think that counts. I finally realized that the life God had given me was a relatable life story and that it was different from anyone else’s and He wanted me to share it. You have one too.

The deceiver wants us all to keep our mouths shut because he knows that our relatable story is what touches hearts and connects us together. The Bible is full of memorable individuals and Jesus was a master storyteller making the stories he told simple and still relatable today in our culture. Jesus, however, would often tell a story and walk away without explaining it or would only explain it to a few of His disciples. Good stories don’t need explanations because they are felt by all and are instantly understandable because of shared life experiences.

You have a story unlike anyone else’s because you and God have been on a unique journey and it’s relatable. Many believers of Jesus have lost their ability to see the importance of their simple individual story and how God has walked with them through the uncertainties and unknown events of life? Isn’t it time you tell someone that story?

My challenge to you today is to tell your unique story.

Start by writing it down – simply. Be prepared to tell it to someone this week – this month – this year. Then, tell the best part about the greatest true story ever told. The story of a remarkable Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who wants to journey with them the rest of their days and give them the greatest gift of all – eternal life in a remarkable place called Heaven.