Some of the most independent and free people I have ever met were in situations where they were limited. Walls and restraints can be some of the most freeing and enlightening conditions for people in their life’s journey.  It doesn’t seem like a time to rejoice nor is it easy or fun when you’re living in it, but God can teach us profound truth when we are shut in, restrained, or limited.  Many times we put ourselves into this restraining situation or crisis because of a poor choice, or failure.

Temple Grandin is an autistic savant and was the subject of a wonderful film in 2010.  Temple has the ability to see things and calculate things on a higher level than most of us, but she is also limited by a autism. She often is thrown into convulsions that she has no control over, which limit her ability to function. She spent her summers working on a family cattle ranch as a kid and would help brand the cattle by corralling them into a restraint system which held the cattle virtually unmovable so they could be branded. She began to notice that the cattle would be in terrific frenzy in the pens waiting to be branded, but as soon as they were put into this restraint system they became peaceful.  Knowing that her body would also do the same thing because of her disability, one day she tried it on herself, and it worked.  The restraint brought her peace and a calmness.  She could think and gain control over her emotions and body by sitting in the restraint for long periods of time. It freed her!  Her family thought she had really gone crazy until they saw how it worked and now the “squeeze machine” or “hug box” is used in many care facilities for autism today.

Hebrews 12:! “Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin (lies from the Deceiver or issues that keeps us from being free) which so easily ensnares us, (traps and kills our spirit) and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

Obedience (which many times we view as restraint) brings freedom with God. When you are suffering, in pain, or in some kind of crisis or restraint, count it joy and run the race that is set before you knowing that God’s peace and contentment prevails. It’s one of the promises and mysteries of God.  He is grooming you and stretching you for a new dimension and a deeper relationship with Him.

Ready to become free through restrained obedience?