Snow is interesting. It covers the drab outside environment with a layer of clean white beauty, it brings silence to the environment as it muzzles sound, and despite it’s inconvenience and sometimes over abundance, it can bring lots of fun outdoor sporting activities – pure joy. I had the privilege to attend collage with, David Stearman, writer of, Somewhere It’s Snowing. The words of the song always touches my heart and brings me a renewed understanding of God’s grace, especially in winter.

Listen to the words:

I once read a poem,
When snow covers the earth,
That it hides the worlds scars,
And gives nature new birth,
And they say when a man turns from sin to the Lord
That forgiveness, like snow, covers him evermore!


And somewhere it’s snowing-
See the soft drifting down
As the snowflakes surrender
To the hardening ground.
Like the good grace of Jesus
That covers our sin,
In the kingdom of Heaven
It’s snowing again.

Now, I’ve heard that the angels
Lift their hearts and rejoice,
When one traveler turns homeward
From his ways, to the Lord.
If somewhere someone’s turning, he’s giving his all,
And God’s grace, like snow, is beginning to fall!

Chorus Repeats.

It’s snowing, thank God today for His constant grace – He’s got you covered.

Psalm 32:1 NIV … Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.