Recently I was able to attend a seminar with Executive Editor of Christianity Today, Andy Crouch on Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling.  He began comparing two Thomas Kinkade pieces, one from his early years, (well done actually) and one that was painted in his later years (typical Kinkade and ….well.. art is in the eye of the beholder)  We knew the later picture instantly as a Kinkade, but had no idea that the one from his earlier years as a painter was also a Kinkade until Andy revealed the truth. Kinkade died a tragic death of drugs and alcohol.

We began to examine why many artists die these kinds of deaths.  Many after they have compromised their artistic talent for materialism and the demands of the audience. In examining creativity, Andy took us into the facets of God’s creative aspects and mind.  These included God the Creator, God of the incarnation, a God of contemplation, a God of power, and a God of new creation ending with Advent.  It all happens at Christmas. When God sent His son Jesus to earth He created His greatest masterpiece of all.

God created a baby,  embodied Himself in man,  giving thought to how we receive Him, allowing for His power and majesty to be seen and felt, and then gave Him the ability to create a new heart in us and give us an eternal destination.

Celebrate Christmas this year!  He has given you unique gifts and talents and has told us to follow Him in using them.  Create splendor, beauty, and don’t compromise for the things of this world.  Eternity is a breath away. How can you do anything less?

Read John 3: 17-21