Several years ago at Christmas my husband was in downtown LA doing what all great husbands do…buying their wives a piece of jewelry!  He happened to eves drop on the couple next to him who were looking at cross necklaces. As their eyes made their way over the display box they came to the final examples that the store carried and ask the salesperson “these are beautiful but…who is that little guy on the cross?”

Women, you have a calling to be an influence.  You are called to mentor, reveal, walk beside, and teach the younger women in our culture today who have no idea who the “little guy on the cross is.”  Our mobile devices and the internet connect us instantly with information but not always truth and wisdom.  We are deluged with media messages asking us to “buy into” something daily.  How can we cut through the media clutter to see the real truth. What can we trust?

We cut through by building relationships which builds trust.  

Today we don’t live in a post-Christian culture as much as a pre-Christian culture.  Millennial women have not been exposed and brought up in Christian families as previous generations have been.  They have heard the word Christian many times in our media but mostly in negative connotations. They read the information online and  in social media, but they don’t have any idea who Jesus really is or the power of His love, grace, and redemption. That has to be seen and they see it and it becomes real by our exposed personal relationships with God.  As the song says “they will know we are Christians by our love.”  When exposed to the love of God the truth is seen and the “little guy on the cross is revealed.”

This younger generation of women (20 and 30 somethings) and those women who have had a notional relationship (heard His name) are seeking Godly women to mentor them – to teach them how to walk in a real relationship with God.  Will you be one of those women?  Will you be a woman who is willing to stand in the gap and inspire and ignite other women?  Will you bring your unique gifts, talents, and Godly insights to these women?

The Influence Lab was launched because we live in a culture of media – a cluttered culture.  One that needs personal connection and relationships to help us navigate through the mire of everyday life. The yearly ASCEND Women’s Conference was created to bring women of all ages together.  To connect, unite, and ignite them with Godly wisdom and knowledge, but most importantly, to encourage a flourishing relationship with Him.  ASCEND is the yearly gathering of Influence Women Women who want to be an influence to our culture and world.

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