Phil and I are privileged to be able to speak, teach, and produce media for many different groups and clients around the country and world. We recently returned from Australia, Indonesia, and India all in the course of 2 months.  These trips can be challenging with all the time changes and food and climate changes but they are always invigorating when you are able to bring some insights and assistance to impoverish people.

Some of our most memoriable times have been when we have been able to worship with believers around the world.  Recently in Jakarta, Indonesia we spent some time with an Iranian refugee camp church. When they sing about giving their lives for Jesus and living for Him they bring a brutal reality into the room. Many of them have lost family and friends because of their decision to follow Christ and have had to literally run for their own lives.  You read about many of these martyrs and precious Christians in magazines and hear them speak on various platforms of media but when you sing with them… well it’s a bit of Heaven on earth.  The love and passion that they sing with for their Savior and Lord is chilling, humbling and life changing. The challenges and issues that they face day to day are nothing compared to what we face in the USA.

John 8:32 says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  When Jesus died on the cross His truth was forever sealed.  We are His children and His death on the cross guarantees our eternal life.  He requires nothing more but to love and to put our trust in Him No requirements and no steps to attain your freedom or reach Heaven except one. You have to say you accept Him to be your Lord and Savior and follow Him.  That’s it. Trust and obey. There is nothing else you have to do to “earn” eternal life. Jesus did it all.   Worshiping with these precious refugees whose faith in Jesus and their desire to trust and follow Him is nothing short of captivating. They know the reality of life or death for their faith. They have decided to follow Jesus and there is no turning back.

Are you ready to take this challenge? Are you ready for Eternal Freedom?