I am a bit of a tree lover.Trees always capture my attention. As I have traveled the world, I have been privileged to see some of the biggest and oldest ones on the earth. The giant Sequoia trees in northern California always amaze me. As a kid on a family vacation, my dad drove our car through the middle of one of these giant trees. In Africa, on a safari, I saw the colossal baobab trees standing alone like rocket ships in the open grasslands. Though, some of my favorite trees are banyan trees that grow in Hawaii and other tropical locations. They are hundreds of years old and have multiple roots that shoot down from their branches and take root into the ground to make the tree even larger. They can have massive arms that grow and often have to be propped up with supports, or they would break off. These arms allow the tree to become even more prominent and significant.

Looking at these trees makes me think of my parents growing together, planting more roots in the ground with their kids and grandkids and great-grandchildren, and supporting others who have come beside our family to give us more significance. It is a visual example of a legacy grown around God’s Word and promises. My parents’ strength rooted in God allowed me to gain strength and kept me from falling over as I grew up.

Like a giant tree, my parents combined strength allowed me to stand tall.

As a woman working in the media and the Hollywood industry where competition is fierce and the challenges are daunting, I have seen over and over again what caused failure and heartache – tree rot. Insecurity and the need to be powerful – be a star. It fells many lives and careers every year. They arrived in Hollywood and planted their hopes and dreams in themselves. Sadly, many leap at media projects knowing that it will lead to abuse and trust in the untrustworthy. I am ever so mindful and grateful for the truth of God that was planted and nurtured in me growing up. The strength and stability of my parents allowed me to know how to combat tree rot throughout my life and career. It meant tapping into the Source of healing – God’s Word. It enabled me to choose a husband who also came from a family tree rooted and planted in God’s Word and brought added support. As I now have grandchildren, I am even more determined to plant the seeds and roots of The Tree of Life in their lives.