Does anyone know I exist? I want others to see that my work and life matters, but do I have to prove I’m somebody first before others take notice? 

These are the questions that are never spoken but often thought. Many feel they are invisible – especially women – as the popular and recent #metoo and #womensmovement hashtags have made evident, and understandable as women continue to fight for equal footing in the marketplace and in a still very much male driven world. In fact, there are an estimated 5,000 statues that recognize distinguished leaders in the United States but only 400 are of women. In the U.S capitol building, each state is given two placements to highlight outstanding citizens. Of those placed there only two are women. 

God created men and women as different but equal beings. He has given each a purpose and has celebrated our unique differences from the beginning of time. God distinguishes Himself as a male, calling Himself “Father” and He sent us His “Son,” another male to earth to save us and bring eternal life. It’s also interesting to note that God has a feminine side, as the translations for Holy Spirit in Aramaic and Greek in the Bible are both feminine words. Jesus said that He is returning one day for His Church, whom He died for, as “his bride.”  So how do we position ourselves as Christians as equal and essential to His purposes? I Corinthians 3: 1-3 says that we are a letter. Or in today’s language, we are a posting on social media. 

What do our lives, letters, and postings say about us? 

How might we use our influence to send positive messages of God’s love given to men and women with equal measure?

Social media is meant to be social. Postings of the food, fashions, interesting places and funny observations are fun and well…social. But how do they reflect our inner choices and journey with God? Our posts need to allow people to see our trust and obedience to God or even at times our failing to obey and trust Him. Our posts are a letter telling the story of who we are and what matters to us in life. They can give testimony to our life in Christ.

People today want to connect and follow people based on their lifestyles and choices. If our followers like what we post, they stay followers and we are able to become influencers for God. When we post thought-provoking observations and wisdom learned from our life and journey with God, others become attracted and want to return and listen more. 

Ask yourself if your posts reflect God’s love, caring and provision for others? 

Do you post about others who engage with God in deep ways and that you have learned from and want to pass on? Are there pictures of God’s joy in your life, food for thought and wisdom, and are your postings clothed with the beauty and wonder of God’s creation? Jesus teaches us in His Word that we must diminish so that He is seen. If you want to be noticed and cut through the media clutter to get your mission and calling seen, then lift up the name of Jesus and reflect Him. 

Let your good postings be letters seen and read reflecting His love and story. 

Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”