It was a warm day in LA as I arrived early for my meeting.  I needed some time to pray before I went in. My emotions had been shattered by some devastating news the day before and I felt the added weight of a sleepless night on my body as I sat in my car.  LIfe isn’t fair and it comes at you hard at times and usually when you can’t seem to take anymore.  The meeting I was heading into felt like I standing in front of a massive cement wall and if I took one step back I would fall into an endless pit. Ever been there?

As I sat in my car, I looked across the parking lot as a caregiver from the assisted living care facility next door pushed a very frail lifeless older women in a wheel chair across the lot to sit in the sun. The caregiver positioned her and then began to wrap her tightly in a blanket so that the woman would feel warm, comforted, and safe as she bathed in the sun.  As I sat there watching, God, the Father of all, whispered into my heart. “That’s me wrapping you up.  Don’t you see? You think you are sick, almost dead, but I am here with you.  I am going to keep you warm, comforted, and and protected.  I have made a way for you and I am your caregiver. Let me push your wheelchair and bring you into the sunlight.”  And you know what?  He did.  Warmth, comfort, and peace flooded my soul.

I entered the meeting a few minutes later knowing that the battle wasn’t mine to win. Whatever the result would be, the battle to be won was for God to be victorious. I knew that there was nothing I could do to change the decision I was about to hear and that the results from that decision in my own natural thinking and with my own human eyes was going to be devastating.  I also knew that God had a blanket – a plan – a way out. His way out was to let Him wrap it all up and let Him do His work.  Peace, solutions, healing, and breakthroughs come unexpectedly. They come from out of nowhere and from sources only known to God.  Don’t miss the peace and security of God by ranting, fretting and drowning in the abyss of fear.  He’s got you covered!

I walked out an hour later into the sunlight with peace and provision that only God could have brought.  I walked out with a new lesson learned and perspective on God’s unending love and grace for us.  I walked out with a way out and a peace that passes all understanding. God had broken down the walls in the meeting and filled in the pit with his love and grace.  Why?  Because He loves us, and He wants us to thrive in a world of devastation and disasters and in ways that don’t make sense.  He wants to give us the desires of our heart,  give us health,  and a life of fulfillment and contentment.  Where there is no hope God’s blanket of provision is there and He is going to wrap you up today in it if you let Him.

I Peter 1:7 (The Message)

“I know how great this makes you feel, even though you have to put up with every kind of aggravation in the meantime. Pure gold put in the fire comes out of it proved pure: genuine faith put through this suffering cones out proved genuine. When Jesus wraps this all up, it’s your faith, not your gold, that God will have on display as evidence of His victory.”