Driving in LA is always interesting and when I first arrived in the city in 1991 it scared me to death to drive the freeways. You better know where you’re going, when you are going to get off, and be ready at all times for someone to cut you off at the last possible minute.  Getting cut off can leave you …well let’s just say a bit disgruntled.  You have to stay focused and trust your driving abilities are sharp enough to get you to your destination with a good attitude.

I think this is why everyone has to take a written test in California before you can get your CA drivers license even if you have been driving for many year in other states.

We live in a new generation – a new culture of media that is driving our world.  Our lives are cluttered with media messages with advertising literally everywhere including the toilet stalls. Our lives are filled with the distraction that media brings and it is causing new issues and challenges daily.  When I grew up we had one black and white TV with 3 channels. Today, in my house we have HD screens in practically every room of the house with over 500 channels or an internet screen or phone with endless options.  I can’t buy groceries at the store, put gas in my car, or even go to a doctor’s appointment without being exposed to a TV screen trying to sell or pitch me something.

Finding time to ditch and disconnect from the multitude of digital devices that clutter and control my life is difficult. Do you have trouble with this?  It’s so easy to have the TV on when you are getting dressed or eating a bowl of cereal in the morning. But it is destroying your quiet time and stealing your time from what is really important in your life. Without knowing it the distraction leaves little thinking time, praying time, Bible reading time, or pondering time.

Galatians 5: 7-8 says, “You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth? That kind of persuasion does not come from the One who calls you.”

Has the distraction of media cut into your driving lane?  Who are you letting persuade you?  Are those news shows, talk shows, news shows giving you unbiased information or dishing out their hidden agenda of reporting “news and information?”   Are those funny, well written TV shows that make light of core moral issues chipping away at your values?  Or are you spending time in scripture to gain a clear mind and understanding and choosing to see what is really being portrayed in those neatly packaged TV series?   Can you stand up for right thinking and keep a pure heart and mind? Is it time to turn off the tube, shut the computer screen, turn off the ringer, and balance your thinking with Godly wisdom and knowledge?

Think about it before you get cut off and end up in the ditch.