On October 11th 2014 women will be gathering at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California for the 2014 ASCEND Conference ascendconference.org for women. Why do you need to be there?

In John 17 : 22 & 23 Jesus prayed for unity before he was arrested, eventually crucified, and then rose from the grave in order to redeem us from our disconnection to God.  He knew that the single most important issue we were going to have as followers of Jesus was unity.  Separation from each other is the single most important device the Enemy uses, and time is his weapon of choice.  He knows that if he can keep us distracted and separated by making our lives busy we can’t (or won’t)  accomplish the things that can make a difference.

Jesus wasn’t upset that night with the disciples because they fell asleep physically, he was upset because He didn’t want us to fall asleep spiritually.

Today, we engage in one of the greatest battles Jesus knew we would fight – the battle over our time.  Researchers tell us that we are bombarded with an estimated 5,000 media messages each day.  Our busy, distracted, and cluttered lives are keeping us separated from each other and from the thing that really matters – a relationship with God.

I challenge you to spend time with us on October 11th and hear from women who have discovered how to break the chains of distraction and separation that keep us in bondage and unable to live in God’s eternal freedom.

It’s time to give birth to a new movement – to connect women who have the potential to influence and change culture.

Individually we often feel like we don’t make much difference.

But united – we can impact the world.   

Join us – at Ascend 2014 Register ascendconference.org