I have been asked why I am so passionate about helping women in the media and entertainment industry. I have a heart for women in media because I am one.  I began in the business as an actress and continue in many aspects of the business working with my husband in our media company, Cooke Pictures.  I also have two daughters one a musician and one an actor so I know the challenges that face women in this industry. I understand the passion that is wrapped around the very fiber of who we are as women in the business.

Here are 3 reasons while women need to support each other if they are in the biz.

First, It a hard road with enormous challenges and pitfalls and we are especially challenged because we are emotional beings.  Our emotions are invested in our work and art.  The competition is tremendous, the hours are long, serving up a heavy dose of rejection everyday.  And… we won’t mention the life of roller coaster finances – hired one day and not again for a year. It’s not just a job to us.

Secondly, there is the actual blood, sweat and tears, we experience in just creating.  Creating a story or music composition from a blank paper or creating a character that comes to life from written words on a page. It’s hard tedious work.  It means you have to put yourself out there in sometimes very vulnerable situations. You don’t have those challenges when you are teacher, personal assistant or bank teller.

Finally, our work affects and changes the culture and world. The books we write, the films and TV shows we act in, and the music we create is heard around the globe.  Our blogs, radio shows and magazine articles are read and affect how our culture thinks and believes. Our consumption of media and entertainment is everywhere.  I can’t put gas in my car, ride in an elevator, or pay for groceries without being bombarded with what experts say is over 5,000 media messages each day.

No one understands the issues and challenges of women working in the business than women who are involved in the industry.  Having a group that meets regularly together and that is united in faith and purpose is essential. Women can affect the world and it starts with what affects us together and personally. It’s God’s small voice that is heard inside us bringing our talents to flourish that can bring hope and redemption to this crazy world we live in.